Our story


Davina and Grace became quick friends during their college years at Virginia Commonwealth University - Go Rams! 10 years later, having been each others maid and matron of honors, and lots of life together, Love per Second was born in the winter of 2017 over a conversation about starting a business together, in the living room of Grace's mother in law's home. 5 years later, here we are, not only thriving as a business, but even more as friends and business partners! With Davina's gift of storytelling, years of experience as a videographer, photographer, editor and love for the arts, Grace's years of experience as a videographer, and natural gift with communication, our gifts combined makes us the unstoppable force we are today! 

The rest is history! 

What kind of gear do you use for events and weddings?
We have 6 professional cameras on our shelf from Sony and Canon and 20 sd cards for memory. We also use 3 professional audio recorders, a zihyun gimbal, a DJI drone, bring all our own stands and lights and have multiple flash devices.

How long does it usually take for video and photo delivery?
Our turnover always depends on how many events we have at that particular time. We usually tell clients to expect them within 3 months, but theres a chance that it could come sooner! 

How do you delivery the video and photos?
We have an exclusive online gallery where you can view, download and event order prints or frames from and we provide the link via email! For video, we upload it in folders on google drive and upload your produced video on youtube as well. We share these links for you to download and view/share easily!

What is your travel policy?
Since we are a team, if any location requires flight travel, we have a standard $6,000 travel fee to accommodate for airfare(including oversize luggage fees), any rentals, and stay for 2. We discount our package prices for those that would like for us to travel so reach out if interested!

I am not used to taking professional photos. Will you give me direction?
100%. As much as we love candid shots, its important to pose our clients in a way that looks natural as well. We give a lot of direction if thats what you want! 

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